Google Android’s Failings

Posted on: February 1, 2010
Posted in Mobile

I absolutely love Google, but for the reasons I outlined here, Android is going to have tremendous trouble in replicating the success that Windows / PCs experienced in the 1980s and 90s.

People like to blindly claim that because Android is “open”, it’s certain to follow in the footsteps of Windows & PCs, upending Apple’s “closed” business model in the process.

Many months into the Android experiment, post-availability of the Google phone and Motorola Droid, Android is still offering an incredibly bad marketplace experience. Jason Laan, creator of the current #2 app in iTunes (iVideoCamera), says: “Apple is ten fold better. Three Android apps on my phone are broken. If were Apple, it would be fixed. Google has been sloppy.”

A few weeks ago I met the creator of the NYC Subway app Exit Strategy (awesome btw), and he lamented that sales of the Android version of his app are so anemic that he can no longer justify porting his code to Android.

I fail to see why people think that these problems will fix themselves. On the contrary, I think the dynamics contributing to these shortcomings are destined to get worse.

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