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Posted on: June 24, 2019
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As a medium, audio seems to seize a unique resonance from its listeners. Just as if you ran into an author on the street a certain familiarity would emanate from the settings you yourself constructed out of her words, commonality can breed inside a listener through hearing a person’s words and stories, magnified I’m sure by the sense that it could just have easily been you having the conversation.

Capturing casual audio listeners requires you engage them as quickly as you release them… podcasts as a medium simply don’t seem to afford the luxury of depth you get with blogging, but the conversational eavesdropping allows the speaker to transition again and again and rebuild from scratch. It’s with this mindset that I pulled from a continuum of five or six main ideas led by David Perell in his North Star Podcast: Steve Cheney: The Next Internet.

90% of the content I’ve never spoken about—from personal to professional—but many are ideas that I intend to write about more in the future.

Here are the easy to stream podcasts links:



David has an incredible course he offers on accelerating your career called Write of Passage. I can’t recommend it enough for people wanting to explore the arts of writing and professional development in today’s online world.

Pasted below are time-linked notes from David’s site:


1:53 What startups get wrong about capital efficiency, trap door decisions, and how fundraising cycles for startups work

11:35 Why Steve changed his perspective on capital efficiency, why every dollar from a customer is five times more valuable than a one dollar from an investor, and the importance of employee retention in startups

20:09 The importance of avoiding competition for talent, why Steve’s Electrical Engineering background was very good training for startups, and the future of image recognition

33:16 Tesla and why image recognition is the next act of the internet, why frontier technologies are driven by cost curves, and the latest improvements in eyesight

43:53 The physical limits to wireless and how they are being pushed, what the future of authenticity will look like, and the defining experiences in Steve’s childhood

57:37 Steve’s core beliefs, how he has changed his views on them, and what Steve believes are his core skills

1:01:57 Why you want to work at a product-driven organization, creating something in a new area of technology, and zero sum games

1:09:40 Why Steve got back to writing online, how writing helps him learn, why writing online is the best way to get discovered

1:12:46 The switch from public to private conversations when you write online, how to crank out blog posts and get your ideas on the page, why inspiration is perishable and the importance of taking notes on things that inspire you

1:19:12 How to not get discouraged by an initial slow pace of writing, the importance of reading a lot to be a good writer, and how to become good at curation

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